visual merchandise lighting

Visual Merchandise Lighting

When planning lighting for your store, it’s important to keep in mind that good design can give you a lot more than simply making your products visible. By using different types of lighting to highlight certain elements, it’s possible to make your products more visually appealing but also to create the best possible atmosphere for your customers to enjoy while they’re going through the shop – if they enjoy the time they spend there, there are more likely to stay longer and, in effect, spend their money as well. That’s why investing in merchandise display lighting is definitely a good idea.

Why does your store needs merchandise lighting?

There are many reasons why lighting is important – and while many people assume that lighting visual merchandising fixtures is just about visual appeal, there’s a lot more you can gain. You cannot overstate the influence that such an appeal has on your customers’ decisions.

There’s absolutely nothing new in saying that people shop with their eyes first. But even if you’re hearing this for the hundredth time, it holds true. Find the right way to highlight your products, and they’ll become a lot more desirable in your clients’ eyes. But the key to achieving such results is providing good lighting, not just any lighting. So what is important when planning the lighting for your store?

Start with shop windows

With the right lighting you can interest potential customers in your offer before they even enter the store – plus, you have a chance to showcase your products even when the store is closed, so don’t just turn all the lights off at the end of the day. And don’t limit yourself to highlighting only the name of your business as well – display a variety of items in the shop window to create a general picture of everything that can be found inside.

Guide your clients through the store

Even though we tend to associate lighting with ceilings, you can use it throughout the entire store – on the walls and floors as well. Floor lighting is especially useful in big stores, where you can use it to guide people through the shop to make sure they go past as many of your products as possible. You can use LED profiles to create patterns that will not only bring light to the interior but decorate it at the same time. Another idea that can be useful when it comes to putting the spotlight on the things you want to sell is adding LED lights along the shelves – this way each of the items you offer will be clearly visible, you just have to make sure that the brightness and colour of such light are optimal to make said items look good.

Create different layers of lighting

There’s no denying that the main purpose of lighting in your store is providing visibility, but going solely with big ceiling lamps that give a lot of light is not necessarily the best strategy. You can achieve a lot more by adding different layers to your lighting plan – sure, the lamps on your ceiling will help with visibility, but the smaller ones can help you create the atmosphere you’re after and highlight your products.

No visual merchandising strategy can be complete without good lighting – it may seem like an unnecessary expense, but in reality, the influence such additions can have on your revenue is huge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is visual merchandising important?

The main purpose of visual merchandising is to improve your customers’ experience of shopping at your store. Satisfied customers are more likely to spend more money, so you have a lot to gain by implementing the right strategy.

What are the most important elements of visual merchandising?

Visual merchandising focuses on both the exterior and the interior of your store, and it aims to create a functional layout that will entice customers to explore your offer while also looking for the most effective ways of displaying your products.

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