Let us ask you a question. How much time did you spend last time you chose a light bulb for your kitchen? Our wild guess would be 30-40 seconds. Yes, we don’t think too much about lightning, because it has always been there. We turn the lamp on, it gives the light, and everybody is happy, right? But what if we told you that a well-chosen light bulb could make you save a lot of money and make your life easier?

LED technology was discovered in the early 20th century and it has come a long way since then. Modern LED lights are shining white, energy-efficient, and available across a number of wavelengths. Small wonder, they are becoming an industry standard, and many agree they are the future of household lightning. For all of those who don’t want to be left behind, we are presenting some of most important advantages of LED lightning. Get inspired and go LED.


LED is highly energy-efficient

LEDs are 10 times more efficient at converting electricity into light than traditional light bulbs. It means that if you replace your old-fashioned bulbs with their LED equivalents, the running cost will drop to one thenth of what it is at the moment. And given the fact that LED lights last approximately 25 times longer than incandescent lightning, you will also save on replacement light bulbs and maintenance. Pretty amazing, huh?

LED is instant ON

Who isn’t annoyed by a warm-up period of most CFLs? Yes, we totally understand that! LEDs light up instantly and they are flicker-free. What’s more, frequent cycling (turning the light on and off in less than 15 minutes) doesn’t degrade the life of a LED light bulb. Now you can enjoy the light whenever you need it.

You can choose the best colour temperature

With traditional lights the only colour temperature option you can get is extra warm white (between 2700K and 2800K). That, however, doesn’t suit all the needs you have, and can by no means let you create a dramatic effect in your living room. It’s high time your kitchen, hotel lobby, or warehouse benefited by incorporating LED lights in any colour from candlelight to blue sky.

LED run cooler

LEDs run at about 107 degrees, which is much cooler than any other traditional light (around 327 degrees!). As a result, your air conditioning or heating system can work more effectively. Also, less heat means that light fittings and decorations will last longer.

LED is the future

Loads of money is spent now on research to make LED technology even more efficient! Manufacturers try to produce LEDs in funny shapes to give you the widest choice possible. One of the great advances is LED lightning that can be controlled by smartphones and tablets. LED technology is moving forward pretty fast so don’t get left behind!

At Marcled, we believe that LED is one of the best gifts of modern technology. As more and more people realise the advantages of LED lightning, these bright, energy-efficient lights are becoming present everywhere. We are sure that the trend will continue. With falling prices, continuous increase in efficiency, and a wide range of lights to choose from, switching to LED is ever so compelling. So when are you going LED? 😉

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