LED Lighting VERSUS Halogen Lights – The Difference

Lighting is a key element of the interior design of your house. It influences the atmosphere inside and adds to the functionality and the safety of the room. When you are building or renovating rooms inside your home, installing new lights can be an opportunity to improve on the ambience of the space.

These days, there are plenty of lighting styles for you to choose from, they even might seem limitless. However, the modern design seems to be associated with LED lights and halogen lights at the moment. You can’t go wrong by choosing either of them, the question is, which one? Let’s determine which is better LED or halogen lights.

What are Halogen and LED Lights?

The key to making the right decision about your lighting features is to know the difference between halogen and LED lights.

LEDs produce light in a totally different way than traditional bulbs. They are equipped with a filament that gradually burns out. This technique of producing light is much more efficient when compared to halogen or traditional bulbs because of the low heat waste.

Halogen lights, on the other hand, generate light through heat. Halogen is the type of lighting technology that is an enhanced version of the incandescent lighting.

Which one is Cheaper?

When it comes to LED vs halogen bulbs price, the halogen version wins bulb for bulb, as it costs around £2, when an LED bulb costs around £4.30. Buying LED lights means also paying more money for fewer watts of power.

However, once you consider the costs of running and the lifespan of those bulbs, the financial comparison becomes quite even.

Which one is Safer?

There have been some studies that show halogen lights have been attributed to some fires because of the extensive heat they produce. This warmth can ignite insulation batts and other materials, especially when they are not properly installed or maintained. LED lights produce much less heat and therefore are a lot safer. When it comes to the rivalry between halogen light vs LED one when it comes to safety, the latter wins.

Which one is More Environmentally-Friendly?

LED lights are a better choice when it comes to energy savings. Halogen lights tend to be 90% less efficient than their LED counterparts while producing the same amount of artificial light. However, energy efficiency is a variable dependent on brand and wattage. It is a significant long-term saving for your energy bills. LED power supplies will ensure lower energy costs.

The Longevity Compared

Despite the higher cost per product when it comes to LED lights, they should last you significantly longer than halogen lights. For some brands, it could be up to forty times longer. The longevity will, of course, vary between products from the same light category like LED tape profile and LED bulb, but in general, LED lights should be able to outperform halogen lights.


All things considered, it seems like the battle of LED vs halogen lights is won by LED. This type of light products is safer, has a longer lifespan, and is more environmentally-friendly. Consider buying this type of lights next time you do a renovation or a lighting upgrade.

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