impact your customer’s experience with LED lights

How to impact your customer’s experience with LED lights

Your customers’ experience in your salon doesn’t depend solely on the quality of the services you provide, but also on the atmosphere you create in it. You want every single person to feel welcomed and comfortable the moment they step through the door, and this can be achieved with the right salon lighting. Remember that a satisfied customer is a customer who’s not only likely to come back again, but also put in a good word for you with their friends and acquaintances. Investing in good lighting is, therefore, an investment in your business’ future and growth.

What is the best interior lighting for your salon?

Providing good lighting is important in every part of your salon, not only for the comfort of your customers but also that of your employees. And it’s not just comfort that matters here, the quality of service can be influenced by lighting as well. Without the right working conditions, it’s nearly impossible to offer the level of precision expected by your clients, not to mention the problems your staff may face with picking adequate colours and shades – and such things are incredibly important in the beauty industry.

Colour temperature

When you’re looking for the perfect bulbs or LED lights for your salon, remember that not all of them offer the same type of lighting. You can find bulbs that produce warm or cold light, and this choice will heavily influence the look of the entire salon. Cold light is very similar to daylight and, therefore, it’s not the best option in this case – this temperature of light isn’t the most flattering. And it’ll impact negatively not only the appearance of your interior design but also your customer’s mood. Warm light, on the other hand, is very flattering for the skin and can make the entire salon look more lively and comfortable – in short, it’s a much better choice when it comes to salon lighting.

Types of lighting

But choosing the best temperature of light is just the first step, you need to remember that different types of lighting have different tasks. You need, of course, ambient lighting that will be the main source of light in your salon. It’s important because you need to be able to maintain the same level of lighting throughout the day, and you shouldn’t have to depend on daylight in this aspect. But in a place like a beauty salon or a hair salon – where many tasks require precision and being able to see all the details – the main lighting is often not enough. It’s worth considering adding task lighting as well. Point out the areas that could use such additional lamps and look for the most efficient options – you can, for example, use LED strip lights and LED channels to add lights around the mirrors in order to keep workstations well-lit.

Colour rendering

And finally, there’s the matter of colour – but not colour temperature, but colour rendering. As in any other business where colours are important, your salon needs to provide lighting in which your clients can see colours for what they really are. No one wants their new hair colour to start looking completely different the moment they step out into the sunlight – and that may be the case if you don’t pay attention to the colours rendering index while choosing new bulbs and lights.

LED lights can offer you not only more versatile lighting options, but they are also a lot more efficient since they tend to last much longer than other types of bulbs. But before you start planning your new lighting, learn more about power supplies and various available solutions to make sure the project you want to create is functional. To guarantee the best customer experience possible, you need to combine great service with great atmosphere, and good lighting can help you achieve both of these goals.

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