Rarely do we stop and think about the way we illuminate our homes. To most people, a light bulb is just a light bulb and we never really put much thought into how efficient it is, how warm the light is, how eco-friendly it is, and so forth. But it’s worth to stop and think about it once in a while, if only because LED lights exist, and they can open up a whole new world of lighting to you.

Arguably the greatest invention in lighting technology since Edison’s light bulb 100 years ago, LED technology is as versatile as it is underused. As a relatively new piece of technology, LED lighting is constantly being perfected, meaning that LEDs today are substantially more advanced than they were ten years ago. Because of this, LED lights nowadays are some of the most efficient lights available, lasting for far longer than regular light bulbs. You can also select from a wide variety of colours and shapes, so they’ll fit into any apartments. On top of that, they are very eco-friendly and can be used anywhere in your home. LED lights are the future of lighting – but they are also the best choice you can make today.

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