Can installing LED lighting in the gym help you save money

Can installing LED lighting in the gym help you save money?

Finding the best lighting solutions to include in a gym project can be a complicated task, and there are many different factors that you need to keep in mind. It’s a lot more difficult than choosing the right lights for any other type of room because different sports and activities require different conditions. That’s why the first thing on your to-do list should be deciding what type of activities will take place in your gym. (more…)

Warehouse LED – Best Lighting Tips

Warehouse LED – Best Lighting Tips

Warehouses are a unique type of building, and as such, they have unique needs. Lighting is one such
aspect. With such a huge surface area, as well as the general height of a warehouse, it might be quite
the challenge to light one properly. Still, lighting remains incredibly important, as you’ll be performing
a lot of heavy-duty tasks within it. Good visibility is key. (more…)

wall and ceiling lighting

Wall and Ceiling Lighting for Interiors and Exteriors

Lighting is an extremely crucial element of decor. Whether we’re talking about the interior of your home or your exterior, there are a number of factors you should consider when picking out a light. Wall and ceiling lights are a particularly versatile choice when it comes to illuminating the home, both inside and outside. They can be an incredible aesthetic addition, on top of providing light from a practical angle. Here are some tips on how you can pick the best wall and ceiling lighting for your home. (more…)

LED Office Lighting

LED Office Lighting – Tips for the Best Solutions

LED lighting is gaining more and more popularity in recent years. Such solutions are no longer a luxury, now they are simply more convenient and offer a lot more benefits than traditional incandescent bulbs that we’re used to. Even though buying LED bulbs will require spending a bit more at the very beginning, you’ll save a lot more money over time. That’s because they need less energy, and they don’t burn out for a very long time. (more…)


LED Lights Terminology

The benefits of LEDs were known for many years now, yet for a long time, they were considered too expensive to be used in households. Fortunately, technological advancements enabled such solutions to become more affordable and accessible, so it’s not that uncommon to find LED systems in houses nowadays.


Under Cabinet Lighting – How to Choose?

Most homeowners understand how important lighting is in the kitchen, and they’d do everything to keep their kitchen well-lit and bright, but many of them fall into the trap of only using standard types of lighting that may not be enough in some cases. Under cabinet lighting is a versatile type of lighting that won’t only complement the design and ambience of your kitchen, but it will illuminate your work area and make your culinary adventures more effortless. (more…)

How to Plan Lighting in the Kitchen – A Practical Guide

The kitchen is becoming the heart of every house – there is no longer any stigma involved in calling your friends over to the kitchen and relaxing by grabbing beers and spending time preparing a meal. One of the most common reasons people don’t use their kitchen more is lighting – bad lighting will give your kitchen a dead ambience and make it uninhabitable. Here are tips to fix that: (more…)


LED lighting is currently on the rise, thanks to the practicality of its application and versatility of use. It goes without saying that choosing and LED or LED array for your kitchen or bathroom is a smart choice, but the real question is: what type of driver should you choose? (more…)


Rarely do we stop and think about the way we illuminate our homes. To most people, a light bulb is just a light bulb and we never really put much thought into how efficient it is, how warm the light is, how eco-friendly it is, and so forth. But it’s worth to stop and think about it once in a while, if only because LED lights exist, and they can open up a whole new world of lighting to you. (more…)


You’re remodelling your kitchen. You think you have everything planned to the last detail – your stone countertops are of supreme quality, your cabinets are crafted from the finest wood, and the large window and skylight bring in so much natural light you barely feel like you’re indoors anymore. For all intents and purposes, you’ve created the most clean and homely area you could think of – it’s an ideal kitchen. (more…)