LED Aluminium Profiles

If you are looking for top quality lighting products
If you pay attention to lighting details
If you  need an easy-to-install lighting channel or tape

This offer is for you!

The products available at Marcled will definitely fit your tastes. Even the most demanding customer will be delighted with the smart design of our spotlights, surface-mounted luminaries and other items we sell.
Each LED aluminium channel, tape extrusion or strip profile has numerous features, appreciated by both – regular customers and interior designers. They are easily fixed on the ceiling, floors, in corners or in other places inside or outside of the building. Moreover, all extrusions, channels and tapes can be easily cut to size, with the use of simple tools and, as a result – perfectly fit with the length of your stairs, mirror or wall.

The recessed type of LED aluminium strip profile is also suitable for lighting selected elements of furniture, such as shelves, drawers or cupboards. In fact, each item is a versatile solution with only your imagination being the limit of their application.

They give you complete freedom to alter the LED tape extrusion in any way you need.
Standard channel lengths include not only 1 and 2 metres, but also 2,5 metre long extrusions. Of course, we cannot forget about our customers with non-standard requirements. You can also order customised, 3-metre profiles adjusted according to your demands.
Light up your kitchen, living room or bathroom and enjoy the pleasant rays of light coming out of a subtle LED aluminium extrusion or strip.

You can choose aluminium profiles in their RAW form or select one of the available finishes, such as:

  • anodized (inox, silver, black or gold),
  • painted,
  • or wood-like.

There are different LED strip profile accessories prepared as well, including a variety of:

  • end caps,
  • L-shaped brackets,
  • special mounting clips
  • and diffusers/covers.

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